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Seeking Arrangements

I m trying to log in my account but everytime I do it shuts me out I always have to keep making a different profile and I'm tired of it I already made 2 and now they always change my email and password can you let me know which one is which


Fraudulent Profiles

'Seeking' has KNOWINGLY posted fraudulent profiles, supposedly provided for in their Terms and Conditions. This is simply legal cover for them to defraud their members and the public at large.

I have been providing evidence to my company's legal team for ove r a year.

Our intention is to bring SA and its sham CEO, Brandon Wade, to trial. Their own Terms and Conditions will be Exhibit A in the proceedings.


Banned Membership

'Seeking' has evidently banned me from their site permanently, supposedly based upon an inappropriate message. They have chosen to ban me without proof of an infraction, despite repeated requests for the offending message/email.

I have copied my lawyer group on every piece of correspondence to date awaiting SA's evidence for proof of the legality of their actions.

To date, October 18, 2017, no requested proof of infraction has been provided. Cc: Bernstein and Behr, PA.


can you please tell me how to fix this problem ? I

What can I do to get this fixed quickly ?????i am a newcomer and thought I was making my site more secure but that verification code site is down now and I want to to remove that from my a/c


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